At the end of 2016, we took a creative leap of faith.

And by we, we’re referring to both the collective Wild and Light team and the two individuals who help make up that team: Shawn Lovering and Zachary Scholtz.

Their goal was simple: to chase and seek out inspiration as they closed the chapter on 2016 and started a new one. Inspired by “working with what you’ve got” and the idea of digging for gold in your own backyard, it represented new opportunities, new perspectives and yes, a damn good dose of some much-needed adventure.

Over the course of a week, Shawn and Zak packed up a car with gear, filled it with a tank of gas and drove North on a mission to explore what laid just beyond their backyards in Milton, Ontario. What resulted is a seven-part web series meant to inspire a generation of travel-hungry millennials to discover the wonders that can be found if you simply dig a little deeper. Equipped with just a tank of gas and a curious mind, their path led them to interesting people and beautiful places. But more than that, they left with a greater appreciation of all things creativity and Canadiana.

What follows is the first episode which is all about quenching a thirst for the great outdoors, seeking creative inspiration and using the gear they brought for more than just commercials and clients:

Below are photos taken during this first day of travel.

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